An offer from tradeNOW to all Greek Startups

tradeNOW, the 1st automated barter trading platform for products, services and real-estate, is offering to all Greek startups an annual Professional membership for free!

Barter in general is an effective way to save cash by offering your products or services in exchange for products or services you need and otherwise would have to pay for. Moreover, through our platform you will have the opportunity to promote your business offerings to our barter community which currently is over 10.000 members.

We firmly believe that all new business initiatives need all the help and support that they can get and this offer is the minimum we can offer. As a reciprocal to our offer we only ask you to put a good word for us to your friends and business partners.

All you need to do is to register as a business in the Basic plan (which is free), enter the promo code “Greekstartups” at the relevant field, and we will upgrade your membership plan to Professional.