Startup 2.0: this year dedicated to mobile applications

startup 2.0Heads up, statupers!

Startup 2.0, this year is running as a mobile apps/startups competition. The event will take place in Bilbao, Spain (June 17-18). Check your calendars and your ... apps. All travel expenses to Bilbao, will be covered by the organizers for the selected 5 finalists.
And since we promised you that we will be more active, check out the Startup2.0 site to testify that we are partners :)

A detailed description of the event follows:

What is Startup 2.0?
Startup 2.0 2011 is the European startups contest for Mobile Applications.
Founded in 2007, this non-profit event is a competition for startups that use 2.0 technologies whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups that work in the field.

Who can take part in the contest?
Any person or company from a European country (widely considered, as in the Eurovision song contest) having developed a mobile application, either as a startup company (not older than 2008) or just as a personal project.

Mobile Applications must be available for any of Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows mobile operating systems. Mobile versions of web pages are not considered mobile applications.

Anonymous projects will not be accepted, nor projects in development. Individuals and companies can submit as many projects as they wish.

What can startups win?
The organization will cover all travel and costs for the 5 finalists to come to present their projects in Nonick, the International Internet Trends Conference.

Last year, more than 2,000 investors and specialists followed the online streaming and 250 took place in Nonick while the projects were being showed.

Since the first edition in 2007, different startups have been financed or acquired as a result of this contest : Sclipo, 5min, Nvivo, 11870 , Panoramio or Bubok are some of the successful cases.

How do developers propose their mobile apps?
Call for entries will be opened from May 6th to 27th. Developpers will submit their projects trough the Web site Until may 6th, organization is compiling contacts from participants who want to be notified to complete the registration on may 6th.

How are the best mobile applications selected?
1. First all submitted projects are reviewed by the advisory board and later voted on facebook by all users in the Startup 2.0 Page until May 27th Only Facebook users having installed the Startup2.0 application will be able to vote the best 20 mobile applications.

2. Among the 20 most voted projects on Facebook, a jury formed by 10 VCs and mobile experts from all over Europe, will select the 5 finalists that will be exposed in an event which will be celebrated in Bilbao on June 17th. Their decisions are taken by majority of votes and based on:

  • Business sense and growth expectations.
  • Innovation.
  • Degree of competition in their market.
  • Quality of the presentation and, in its case, the video sent to the contest.
  • Team.

3. Investors, specialists and developers assisting to the event from all over the world will question them and select the winner.

Can I attend the event as a guest
The Startup2.0 final is part of Nonick, the International Conference on Internet Trends.  If you want to come, you can buy one of the tickets