Wanted: tweepML list for Greekstartups (updated)

Ever heard of TweepML? It is self described as:

... an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.

This can be really convenient and useful, as TweepML allows one-click mass following of all the tweeps (=twitter users) mentioned in a TweepML list.

Got the idea? If we create a TweepML for Greekstartups, people will be able to mass follow them. To follow YOU!

But in order for this to be self sustained and not relying on one man's good will, free time and effort, it has to be built in the registration process here.
And this is what we are aiming.
To this end, we added an extra field (yes, I know, yet another one) to the form that startups submit with their details. With the help of the views drupal module and a little bit of hacking this will be transformed in a nice TweepML dynamically. So each startup registering, will automatically be added to the TweepML.

But before this, we need to do a catch up with the already registered startups. So, if you are one, log in and fill the twitter field. The sooner we have the data the quicker we'll build the TweepML.


Since the initial posting of this, twitter has introduced lists. Although lists are not portable (yet) they are a rough equivalent to TweepML, and since not many startups have updated their profiles yet, we changed the plan: we will use a list.

A very first one in already in place here:http://twitter.com/greekstartups/listed