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The Techcrunch Europe Top 100

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Techstars could be a good model for Openfund

Andrew Hyde (yes, the startup weekend guy), one of the advisors of Openfund is related with Techstars. This might be important because Techstars does something similar to Openfund. Only it does it longer. So there are lessons to be learned here.

What is Techstars? David Cohen explains in this short video from ReadWriteWeb.

OpenFund: seedfunding for the Greek startups

Yesterday's Opencoffee meeting was kinda historical: a new fund was announced that will focus on seed investing much like YCombinator or SeedCamp: OpenFund.
The new fund will focus on very early stage start-ups that are oriented towards the global market, and seem to have a high returns perspective. Funding will be up to 30K Euros in exchange of a stake up to 20%.

"It still is!"

Startup 2.0: The 11 finalists

The finalists were announced and they are 11 instead of ten because of two got the same score. Among them, SocialWhale, the Greek startup that ended second in the peoples vote.

- CampusMovil, a home desktop
- Colnect, a collectors community
- Genoom, a family tree network
- Gli Affidabili , a yelp-like services 2.0 guide

Startup 2.0: European Web 2.0 startups competition

On April 24, in Bilbao, Spain, the Startup 2.0 competition is taking place.

It is an opportunity for Web 2.0 sites to promote themselves in a greater public, gain broader recognition and make themselves known to potential investors.

A jury and public vote will select the 10 best, which will be summoned to Bilbao for the selection of the top three.

"Start-up Status"

Since the launch of this site, we have included, in the start-up submission forms, categories to help the readers, the start-upers and us understand better the state a start-ups is currently in.
These categories were a bit mixed up in the beginning (product status was mixed with start-up status).We have recently separated them and trimmed some of the possible values. And, as of now, we made them, also, obligatory.

In this post, we will try to clarify one of the taxonomies employed: the start-up status.

Time for moderation

We had to unpublish the last company that registered because it was an established company and not a startup. More, it was a company completely outside the scope of the startups, greekstartups is about.

Unfortunately the notion of a startup is not well understood. And it falls to our shoulders to try to educate the companies that want to register in

Hello World

We are unforgivable. We did not have a blog for GreekStartups. No more!
Here we will post announcements and news about the Greekstartups directory, events related to the startups, and more. Grab our feed and follow us. Follow the startups, that is :)

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