tape.ly is a new way to share music! Create a digital tape and share it with your friends, just like an old-school mixtape cassette!

  • Easily upload your tracks online
  • Add a cover image to your playlist
  • Customize background, colors, fonts and layout of the tape
  • Share it with your friends instantly by sending them a link
  • Listen to mixes online without having to download any files
Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production
Product Tags: music, social, tape, tracks, listen


Yummymomy is an online marketplace which connects cooks willing to share their food with the local community, with those who would like to eat a homemade meal where ever and whenever they desire.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production
Product Tags: food, marketplace, local, community



Certoid is an online-identity, impersonation and reputation network.

Certoid's mission is to provide everyone with a unique and certified internet identity as well as to provide its users with mechanisms and advanced identity tools that will allow them to dramatically decrease the chances of hitting on a fake internet identity and prevent them from falling victims of scams.

It is a decentralized p2p service based on neural networks, behavioral patterns and collective intelligence algorithms, currently in limited alpha mode.

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: private alpha

Oplon Games


A full fledged HTML5 strategy game simulating all aspects of European history, during the Napoleonic era starting in 1805. The game is a turn-based browser strategy games that focuses on gameplay, quality and balance.

Empires at War 1805 targets demanding gamers who enjoy a multiplayer challenge, deep thinking and detailed planning, in contrast to casual browser games that can be found all over the Internet, in which players perform better by staying longer on-line, or by paying.

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: production
Product Tags: games, html5, strategy, history, Europe



codebender is a web platform for makers and Arduino users, which helps hackers build great interactive devices, art installations and gadgets, and collaborate with other coders online.

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: beta
Product Tags: sketches, hardware, arduino
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