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Bookia (boúkia) is about Books and Readers.

It is not an online bookstore but a gathering and communication place for those who are interested in staying informed as well as informing others about the books they have read or are currently reading.

Rating - Reviews

In Bookia I can rate a book I have read or write a descriptive review about it. Others who are interested in buying a book may be influenced by my review.


I define my relationship with books as the ones I have, I want, I have read, I am currently reading, I lend, I have lent, I borrowed, I have given away or I have barter. Bookia creates my personal Library which can be viewed by my friends.

MyFriends’ Libraries

I can view the Libraries of my friends or those that I follow, namely, all the books with which I have created a relationship.

Available books

All the Greek books, those of Greek authors as well as translated books are available on Bookia. It is not necessary to register a book in order to add it to my Library.

I can find books either by browsing in the categories or by searching based on words in the title, the description, the name of the author and in general with any word that is in any of the information about the book.

I acquire new books

I can find books that are given away or are bartered. This way, I can acquire new books for free.

I make new friends

Similarities and common interests result from the relationships of the books in the libraries of Bookia.

Log in through a Facebook account

I log in to Bookia with a single click. It also offers the advantage of extending the existing relationships in Facebook to Bookia.

Long description

Which book should I read?

Before buying a book, potential book buyers look for suggestions in order to decide which book to read. The available sources are salesmen in bookstores, bloggers’ reviews that deal with the matter, readers’ reviews that can be found scattered in various e-bookstores, acquaintances and friends.

Bookia answers that question based on the collective experience of its members, who can search and find in it all the books published in Greece, create their relationship with them (which books do I have, I want, I have read, I am reading, I give away, etc.), create their library, rate and comment each one of them.

This way, a book popularity database is created to which everyone has access and can consult it, secure in the knowledge that it provides not just one or a few reviews about a book, but the collective experience.

Bookia knows about the relationships between books and their creators. Thereby, for every author, translator, editor, illustrator, etc. there is a special page where one can find all of their work. The members of Bookia can communicate and have discussions with their favourite creators.

Logging in to Bookia can be done through a Facebook account. This way, Bookia knows from the beginning the social relationships of the members and provides information about the activities of friends, the books in their libraries, their preferences, what they are currently reading, etc. In addition, new relationships and friendships with other members with which there are common interests based on their libraries are strengthened.

The “Give away” and “Exchange” relationship creates opportunities to obtain books for free or exchange the ones I have read with new ones. I get ideas for gifts to friends from the relationship “I want”, since they are books that they really want since they have stated so themselves.

Bookia promotes activities and events about books and readers. Therefore, it also becomes an information centre about books.

Authors and publishing houses offer free copies of their books to the members of Bookia. These copies are drawn lots and sent to the members thus creating an initial public that returns to Bookia and writes a review about the book he/she has won.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production