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info [at] cforcrafts [dot] com

CforCrafts is a digital platform through which artists of handmade products or producers based in Greece can offer their products for sale.
Our goal is to promote Greek handmade products both in Greece and outside our borders, in order to strengthen the exports of Greek products as well as talented artists and producers!

Innovation: is an innovative platform as it's goal is to promote Exports of Greek handmade products abroad - something which has never been done before. The platform supports 3 different types of payments for buyers and allows sellers to manage theyir E-shops. as early as its start-up also aims to further assist Non Profit Organizations by offering them a free e-shop so as to sell their products and promote their causes.

Seeking funding?: was created by the use of own funding, however funding would increase our chances of taking the platform many steps further in our effort to promote handmade Greek products and their creators. Funding would be needed for marketing purposes so as to increase our exposure.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production