Cobalt Box

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cobaltbox is a platform empowering anyone to embed targeted applications in any webpage.

Practically, on every webpage our users visit somewhere on the web one or more frames (or 'widgets') are overlayed. Within these widgets new functionality and content which is external to the webpage is imported dynamically. The cobaltbox platform decides automatically which widgets are to appear on a given webpage so that they are relevant to the webpage and to the particular visitor's profile. The widgets' exact placement on the webpage is also determined by the cobaltbox platform based on the combined preference of their developers and those viewing them The widgets are marked as cobaltbox-generated in such a way as to balance blending in and standing out.


When the cobaltbox platform is adequately developed it will offer a unique opportunity to both content creators and content consumers to significantly enhance how targeted their content is. In particular, cobaltbox widgets will offer their developers the chance to target their content both according to the website it appears as well as to the person viewing it. In contrast, for example, Google AdWords and similar networks provide advertisements based only on the webpage content - and not on the visitor. Similarly, from the perspective of the visitor to a webpage, the additional content viewed in the form of a widget is targeted both to the actual visitor and to the current webpage content. Such a potential exists already, for example in Google Search results (where user preferences can affect results, optionally) - however, cobaltbox offers enriched content to almost any webpage someone visits.

The cobaltbox platform offers its enriching potential to developers who need only employ off-the-shelf technology and simple tools (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) to design their widgets. In addition to this, leveraging the fact that the vast majority of online services now provide an API, cobaltbox offers developers a platform to make the best of these APIs and combine them in new and innovative ways. Moreover, this happens without leaving the least common denominator for most online activity - the web - and instead cobaltbox integrates the additional content within webpages (instead of creating frames, for example). Furthermore, as mentioned cobaltbox has a strong element of targeting content based on both the current webpage and the current user. Finally, opening the platform to allow virtually anyone to offer their functionality openly translates into leveraging the community of developers to achieve maximum results. It is the combination of these elements that make cobaltbox unique: simplicity of adoption by developers, capitalising on existing APIs, using the plain old web, customising based on user and the particular webpage they visit and creating a widget platform (in the likeness of the iPhone and Android application stores).

Seeking funding?: 

The prime need is to prove there is interest for our service by creating and maintaining a strong user base of our Firefox addon. In order to achieve this we require seed funding to expand and improve our potential in developing widgets and enhancing our platform which would in turn attract further users. In addition to this, we aim to create a community of developers who would be willing to spend limited time and effort to create widgets for the platform. These widgets will be of benefit for the developer primarily based on their individual functionality but also would help in attracting further users to our platform. Furthermore, we require assistance with creating a stable and scalable product which is able to support and welcome the aforementioned user and developer traction. It is for these reasons that we require to be immersed in an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and experts who will help us achieve these goals.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: Ceased operations