╬Ľasybid.gr is an innovative site that allows you to buy products such as smartphones, televisions,laptops and all sort of gudgets (the variety of the products that are available is quite large and differs from month to month) in prices that are out of this world. Most of our products have been sold under the price of ten euros. The procedure in order to participate to our auctions is very simple. All one has to do is to sign in to easybid.gr buy the package of bids of his choise and he is ready to be awinner. The auctions have a time limit and when the time expires the last bidder is the winner of the product. Each hit is equal to one bid during the auction and with every hit the time is renewd for twenty seconds..You can also find us on Facebook and check out previews winners from our site. Easybid.gr is the only way for someone to get high priced products in a very low price. Join us!

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: production