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info [at] irisena [dot] com

IRISena is a smartphone communication tool that delivers relevant information to your audience or other defined user groups anytime, anyplace.

  • Direct marketing communication channel that adds value and promotes your brand.
  • Versatile, secure, low-cost, simple to setup and use, money-saving communication system.
  • Subscription based system, compatible with both iPhone and Android technology.

This is a small list of possible businesses that can use and benefit from the IRISena push notification system:

  • Unions, Associations and Societies (to notify members and non members)
  • Clubs (to notify members)
  • Small Private Schools (to notify parents, students, staff)
  • Districts (to notify the local society)
  • Medium and Large Enterprises (to notify customers, personnel, etc)
  • Hotels (to notify customers)
  • Retail Shops (to notify customers)
  • Service Providers (to notify customers)
  • Not-for-profit Organizations (to notify their audience)
Startup screenshots : 
IRISena push notification system
IRISena for android & iOS
IRISena Dashboard

IRISena is intented for businesses or organizations that wish to notify customers, dealers, personnel or other defined user groups in order to market & promote products and services, or simply disseminate news.

Unlike other commercially available methods of notification (Googlecircles, facebook, simple emails, …), IRISena is a mass notification system dedicated to the business and its audience. It creates a direct marketing channel of the business with its best customers that have opted in.

IRISena increases end user involvement and engagement.

IRISena is a low cost subscription based system and will be expected to reduce paper, printing, postage and telephone costs.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production