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Mageca - Marketplace for gesture controlled apps , games and more! -

The vision behind this project is to embrace the revolutionary change that has started and has to do with the way people interact with all kind of smart machines ( pc , smartphone , laptop, smart tv , smart car , smart glass , gaming console ,tablet etc) in order to make it simple and natural … to make it human.
Mageca is a Greek startup that wants to provide the full spectrum of available solutions regardless the hardware. So if you are using the Microsoft’s Kinect , the Leap motion , the Asus Xtion or even just a 2d camera and want to explore the future of HCI Mageca is made for you.
Mageca is an easy way for the users to get in touch with all the latest achievements and for the developers to promote their work and get incentives.

Mageca’s teaser has already more than 80.000 views !

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Market for kinect , leap motion , xtion , capri , myo apps games and more!

The first market that provides the full spectrum of available solutions regardless the hardware ( kinect , leap motion , xtion , prime sense, myo etc)

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seed funding

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: production