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support [at] microdeals [dot] gr

Microdeals is the land of microjobs, a social job marketplace where anyone can sell or buy products and skills for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 euros !
No need to worry about not having to offer to do a conventional job ! Put your ...wild imagination and your sense of humour into...hard work and prepare a unique job deal that everyone will love! Making money had never been so fun before !

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Microdeals is an unconventional, yet fully useful job marketplace. It turns job into fun through it's unique social environment, thus it boosts people to 'invent' works, to be inspiring, creative and optimistic about their lifes. It gives everyone the oportunity to work and make money from home, with micro-deals of their own. At the same time the customers can find unique jobs and products in extra affordable prices.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta