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How many times you've been forced to see your x-lover announcing his/her new love in his/her social network profile? How many times you've been thinking of a possible way of pay-back? How many times you've been sitting behind a desk, alone, watching your friends posting romantic comments to each other while you don't have the ability to do so? Not anymore!!!
With our service, the term "for ever alone" turns to "never alone". We give you the possibility of having your own, new, beautiful virtual girl/boy friend, for as long as you need her/him!
Our service includes ready-to-go and custom packages, to allow you chose your virtual friend easily. We are hiring the most beatiful people out there, REAL people. Not pre-programmed computer things or anything like that. Among them, you will have the ability to chose her/his type, frequency of interactions and other specific things you'd want them to have!
Imagine the whole process like the "Genie of the Lamp". You rub it, you name it, you got it! The only difference is that you don't have a limit of three wishes!

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Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: pre-alpha