NOVOCAPTIS Cognitive Systems & Robotics

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kondaxakis [at] novocaptis [dot] com

NOVOCAPTIS is a young start-up company established in early 2010 in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the i4G business incubator ( It is a member of the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece. Apart of its business connections it has strong links to the Greek academic and research community as well as to international partners such as the Italian Institute of Technology and King’s College London among others. Its vision is to provide cutting-edge products and services in the areas of service and consumer robotics, ambient intelligence, ambient assisted living, environmental applications, education and entertainment markets. The collective experience of its core team members, in technical and business skills, is more than a hundred years. It is currently developing its first product, a smart-toy, which targets the education, entertainment and consumer robotics markets.


NOVO1 is the first design of NOVOCAPTIS' "Next-Gen Smart-toys" line. It is a micro-robot (5 x 5 cms) in size which will serve the educational, entertainment and consumer robotics markets.

The robot is targeted in secondary schools and higher education organisations as a platform in which students will be provided with a means to discover scientific principles of the underlying technology, such as laws of physics, mathematics and information technology. Principles of biology, psychology and social development will also be communicated regarding issues of development, socialisation, cooperation, intelligence and others.

A kit will be provided with one or more robots, and software which allow the user to control, alter and develop the behaviour of the robot thus allowing experimentation and hands-on learning of theories and ideas. In a higher education setting it will allow gaining of skills in related technologies and expansion of capabilities, as the system is designed as an open one, for implementation of more demanding projects

At a consumer, hobbyist and entertainment market the product will be controlled by use of a mobile phone or computer and it will offer also online connection capabilities for upgrading its capabilities, sharing photos with friends through a Facebook account and thus allowing a long period of play and satisfaction. Software extensions will be available for download so as to offer the behaviour expansion capability, as in the case for the education market, to the interested user.

Seeking funding?: 

Recently, we have been awarded with an FP7 project on cognitive assembly applications in industrial environments (project name DARWIN, 325000 Euro for NOVOCAPTIS). We are also currently seeking additional funding for an augmented reality and robotics project. We are always open to discuss possible investment opportunities.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: pre-alpha