planetGR is a Greek Social Network.
It is the fastest and easiest way to stay connected to Greek Friends and Greece.
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Hello Greece!

The fastest and easiest way to stay connected to Greek Friends and everything Greek.

Our Goal: To Bridge Greeks Around the World.

The site is dedicated to all Greeks throughout the world and knows no geographical boundaries.

planetGR is dedicated to serving this community through the development and accessibility of a wealth of interactive resources housing "All Things Greek" on the web.

This is more than a Social and informative website..... planetGR is a community.

We encourage everyone that visits the site to become an ACTIVE participant in this community.

planetGR is the platform to be used to share ideas, express thoughts, meet new and old friends and share Hellenistic pride.

planetGR is here to play an integral role in your every-day lives. This is the reason that we provide our services -- we wish to be the ultimate symbol of Greek hospitality on the Internet.

Most importantly, please tell us how we can further service your needs. PlanetGR! is a dynamic community dedicated to meeting the needs of ALL of its members. We will listen to every suggestion and act to the best of our ability to fulfill these needs.

Without you planetGR is just another site on the Internet taking up space. Help us help you and we will both be successful in the endeavor to unite all Greeks throughout the world into an accessible community ensuring the well-being of each other.

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