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What is plantobuy? An intelligent shopping advisor offering instant online market research & social recommendation tools.

It enables consumers & retailers around the globe to get together based on intelligent matching of needs, offerings & timing. Plantobuy gives people a number of strong reasons to register and maintain their buying plans, under full anonymity. On the other hand, Retailers can easily target those plans through campaigns, offerings & more. Prices, offers, content, social network reviews, ads, anonymous negotiations define a fun & easily managed decision space for consumer purchases.

We could shortly describe as an intelligent shopping advisor offering instant online market search & social recommendation tools for any consumer around the globe. is built upon the concept of intelligent targeting & personalization. In absolute contrast with the so common ‘junk offers’ phenomenon, enables highly personalized (even customized/ one-to-one) offers, intelligent, targeted & interactive ads, and a continuous flow of social advice & ideas through the ask.your.networktm concept. Any merchant around the globe will be able to target any consumer - via personalized, targeted offerings - provided that both parties share a common selling/ purchasing interest and openness to communication at a certain point of time.

What’s interesting in our venture is that we have a completely new concept, integrating social media, with a potentially major impact on commerce. Furthermore this concept is continuously expanding with additional innovative ideas related to online social scenarios.

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Key- innovation points:
1. Consumers register their buying plans, anonymously. Retailers target buying plans
2. One-to-one marketing in action: beyond intelligent, highly target campaigns, enables personal offers, specifically designed/ adjusted for each of the user
3. intelligent social advice mechanism, integrating e-mail, Facebook & twitter
4. Interactive, targeted ads: we turn video ads into content while supporting advanced function such as feedback, rating, sharing and add-to-plan.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta