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info [at] proto [dot] io is a silly-fast way to create fully interactive mobile app prototypes. Its users can create high-fidelity mobile prototypes that look and work as a real app should, literally within minutes. It is ideal for UX professionals, interaction designers, mobile designers, coders and app enthusiasts. Users can start creating beautiful, interactive mobile prototypes for free or at a very low monthly fee.

Designed specifically for mobile, can simulate everything an app can do. It comes prepackaged with actions that are custom to handheld devices. It simulates interactivity such as clicks, taps, tap & holds as well as swipes. Transitions such as slides, pops, fades and flips are also supported, creating a closer resemblance to the real app experience through the prototype. enhances the prototype's UX by allowing actions to be assigned to transition events. Actions include going to screens, highlighting tab bar items, hiding and showing other components, among other. is perhaps the only mobile prototyping tool that allows users to create realistic, sharable prototypes that work as a real app should and experience their prototype on the actual device. The device player has users previewing their prototype on the actual device for which it is built for, while the web player has users previewing and interacting with the prototype on a web browser just as they would on a mobile device. is 100% web-based and comes with a familiar and intuitive drag-and-drop User Interface, no coding required. That helps minimize costs as app designers build, modify and test their prototypes before they even start writing a line of code. Once done with their prototypes, they can publish and share their prototype with just a few people or make it public for everyone to view. They can convert it to a beautiful, custom branded printable PDF document or even export screens to static images. They can also choose to export the prototype as a whole to HTML. has users creating high fidelity, fully interactive mobile prototypes since its launch in late 2011. However, as with any piece of live software, it is constantly upgraded. The latest upgrades include a comments feature. That lets app designers get instant feedback from their clients (reviewers) by adding comments on specific UI elements or overall functionality of a prototype. This helps app designers minimize the review process and time. A LivePreview feature has also been added to simplify the prototype reviewing process, making it even “silly-faster”. In May 2012 launched a ‘freebies’ page ( with the purpose of sharing with other developers useful tools and code, engineered for and used in the high-fidelity mobile prototyping tool. Version 3 of is coming up soon with some major updates that will surely set it even further apart from any prototyping tool out there. Go to or follow @protoio on twitter to stay up to date.

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Innovation: has introduced interactive mobile app prototyping to the UX community by adding features like animations and screen transitions to enable interactive wireframing and prototyping of mobile apps and more. It support multi-device prototyping ranging from smartphones and tablets to SmartTVs. Perhaps one of its most powerful features is real device preview, which means you can preview your mobile prototype on the actual device that it is built for.

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