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Qrator is the experience-sharing mobile social network; a snappy way to tell the story of any moment in your life. Combine photos you take on-the-go, music you are listening to, location and captions to curate your experiences.

Every experience is more than a photo album or a photo collage; more than music or location sharing.
It is a beautiful interactive board, your friends and followers can see, listen, comment, share and feel.

Keep your everyday experiences alive in the locations they originally happened. Follow interesting people and places to explore and interact with their most vibrant moments.

· Upload as many photos and add as many songs you like in each post
· Share the music you're listening to
· Song identification powered by Gracenote
· Song search and preview powered by iTunes
· Location service powered by Foursquare
· Automatic curation of your content in interactive boards
· Follow people and places
· Comment, like and share experiences
· Put experiences together in collections aka Qrations
· Explore experiences by place
· Unlimited uploads
· iPhone front and back camera support
· Instant sharing to other social media
· Available on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini

Startup screenshots : 
Qrator Screenshot
Qrator Screenshot
Qrator Screenshot
Qrator Screenshot
Qrator Screenshot
Qrator Screenshot

Qrator is a mobile social network where users upload audiovisual interactive boards with their unique experiences

Seeking funding?: 

We are currently looking for seed funding.

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: production