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QReca! is a holistic platform that provides a set of tools for creating 'smart' applications. It provides a user friendly interface and the main characteristic is that it hides all technical details, making it suitable for users with no IT knowledge. The provided tools are assembled in an empty canvas, where they are integrated into a single logic cross-platform application, which can be responsive according to user's location and time zone.

The 'smart' applications can be triggered through a QR Code, a NFC tag, GPS signal or voice activation, while they can easily communicate with heterogeneous systems (e.g. Dropbox, Google calendar etc). Moreover the user may update the information and the functionalities that are associated with an app without the need of re-establishing the access channel (e.g. reprinting the QR Code).

Eventually, the QReca! platform is a unique ecosystem that operates as a link between the real and the digital world.

Please visit our official YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/qreca, for a short presentation video.

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Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta