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Taxibeat is an easy to use, convenient and contemporary way to hail and book a taxi. It uses the mobile technology to connect taxi drivers and passengers in the same way that Google AdWords connects advertisers and Internet users: taxi drivers advertise their location and availability to nearby passengers who are searching for a taxi using their smartphone. If a passenger selects and calls a driver, then the driver pays Taxibeat a commission.

Initially available on the iPhone, Taxibeat will allow passengers to see the exact location of nearby taxis, to hail one with the touch of a button, and leave feedback about their experience with the driver. With the Taxibeat iPhone app for drivers, any taxi driver will be able to join the Taxibeat fleet and find customers while on the road. Taxibeat lets individual taxi drivers who have GPS-enabled smartphones advertise their location to the smartphone maps of its users.


Taxibeat’s innovation lies in that, it takes a totally fragmented market and transforms it to an integrated marketplace, where thousands of individual professionals can be part of. Gradually it becomes a transparent, self regulated market, where each individual has all information it needs to make decisions on where to buy from, or what to offer.

Passengers know what nearby taxis are available, and where. They know details about the cars and drivers, and also the feedback of other passengers about each driver. Drivers also help each other by "flagging" bad or dangerous customers, so there is a two-sided community supported service.

Seeking funding?: 

Taxibeat has secured a round of seed funding through Openfund and does not seek additional funding for the moment.

Startup Status: seed
Product Status: private beta