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info [at] tradenow [dot] gr is the 1st fully automated barter trading platform for goods, services and real-estate in Greece.
In a period of dramatic turmoil with continuous deterioration of the economic environment, rising unemployment and high borrowing costs, barter trading gives the opportunity to individuals and businesses to obtain goods and services without having to use cash.
Recognizing the need for alternative ways of trading, tradeNOW developed an automated web barter trading platform for individuals and businesses.
Our members will be able to trade goods, services, real-estate and ideas, through a unique web-interactive experience, without having to use money.
A trade point system will exist to accommodate differences in the values of the tradable items.
tradeNOW platform has been designed to be simple, secure and user-friendly, making barter trading a unique web-interactive experience.
The platform provides an e2e barter trading service through an automated matching system and a dedicated barter trading support team that thrives to cover the needs of our members for products and services.

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The platform provides:
- Automated matching functionality
- 3 way matching
- Barter networking
- Handling of multiple subaccounts

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta