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info [at] up2five [dot] com

Up2Five is the new dimension in rating and voting for live events and online media, promoting a new digital experience that allows everyone to rate, vote and act on a moment by moment basis, while it happens.
Enabling fine grained understanding of audience expectations in real-time, Up2Five provides a meaningful way for audience engagement, crowdvoting and social feedback.

Startup screenshots : 
Up2Five for Youtube under a video
Up2Five for Youtube collapsed
Details of the Up2Five graph
Up2Five on mobile devices, after users voted an speaker

Up2Five innovates by giving the user the ability to rate in real time whatever he is watching or attending. The graph that represents the users' interactions gives insight to the peoples opinion just by looking into it. From the user perspective, one can now pinpoint and rate specific moments of a video or show. For the content provider , he gets an in depth analysis and a meaningful feedback of what his audience is thinking, without having to apply sentiment analysis to the raw data.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta