Wadja Media

Contact e-mail: 
g [dot] koiliaris [at] wadja [dot] com

Wadja is a free communication service that goes where you go providing FREE SMS and email communication.

Wadja is accessible on any PC or mobile web browser, from anywhere in the

Wadja keeps you connected without having your social life tied into your
device or stuck in a closed, “walled garden” network.

Wadja is a unique social media and messaging service that is open and
transparent, providing all its users with a variety of communication options
such as sms, email and mobile web messaging. Wadja fully supports photo,
video and music integration capabilities with the most popular media sites on
the web, and complete user control of content and friend relationships,
through RSS, CSV, PDF and RTF export features.

All of this is 100% feature functional across PC and mobile devices.
Think of Wadja.com as your device independent social operating system.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production