With Pinobo you can collect anything, anything you like and pin it on your board, either it’s a pic, a social news feed, your favorite YouTube video and much more! But most importantly, you can decorate your board as you like…And when you’re done, you can share it with your friends or you can keep it for yourself! Pinobo can be: your collage board, your comic book, your playground, your organizer, your workplace, your microsite, whatever you can think of! Pinobo is your… social board.

Pinobo will be soon available on the web, windows 8, iOS and Android platforms.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: private alpha
Product Tags: pin, collections, bookmarking, social

@tapely is a new way to share music! Create a digital tape and share it with your friends, just like an old-school mixtape cassette!

  • Easily upload your tracks online
  • Add a cover image to your playlist
  • Customize background, colors, fonts and layout of the tape
  • Share it with your friends instantly by sending them a link
  • Listen to mixes online without having to download any files
Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production
Product Tags: music, social, tape, tracks, listen



Suibee is a user generated content aggregator that attempts a personality analysis first and then content matching based on the findings of the user personality analysis.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: private beta
Product Tags: usg, social, content, aggregator



Geembo is a social platform that helps developers create an online reputation and get hired by companies and startups by aggregating info from services like Github, oDesk, Stack Overflow, Twitter and Linkedin.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: pre-alpha


Buddytraffic is a fun and exciting crowdsourced app that helps you and your buddies report and avoid traffic. Will be available for iPhones first. More platforms to follow.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: private beta
Product Tags: mobile, social, traffic, Iphone

prosfores is a shopping deals aggregator. It collects deals for various categories and presents them in a digg like style for people to find them and evaluate them.

A deal evaluation is taking the form of a vote. But it can be supplemented with extra information submitted as comment. was born during the 2nd Athens startup weekend and it was chosen as one of the top three projects (shared the 2nd position with the Event Tags project).

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: beta


Thiinkle is a rapidly growing web development and internet marketing company focused on social gaming.
Founded in August 2008, we are aiming to become the pioneer of the new generation of social games, improve people's internet experience and influence their "online lives".

Designing and developing web systems, building and publishing games, designing and running marketing campaigns for the biggest social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Fanbox, LinkedIn and also mobile phones like Apple's Iphone and Blackberry, is what we do best.

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: Ceased operations
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