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Doodlemat is a new social network website which addresses to students from all over the
world. Using doodlemat students can

1. Get to know their studentmates
2. Find new students from similar colleges
3. Publish their own ADDS
4. Upload pictures, video, sounds, files e.t.c. easily and on the top of it all FREE
5. Create their own blog and share their views with students/friends
6. create their own opinion polls regarding subjects that they find appealing
7. upload documents ( files) and share their content with their studentmates
8. creation of school-group

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: Ceased operations



Akazoo - Your own unique world!

Akazoo is a free, social networking website where users can design their own profile, choosing among a variety of premium features. Thanks to mobile and web access you can enjoy the unlimited blog space for photos and videos, socialize in groups and forums, communicate with other Akazoo members via the instant messenger and chat wherever and whenever you want. You can also get the hottest mobile applications and mp3 music files via the Akazoo token exchange system.

Register-generate content-earn tokens-get music and more!

Startup Status: bootstrapping
Product Status: production
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